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Gasket Fabrication Since 1967

Automated Gasket Corporation was established in Saint Louis, Missouri and has been die cutting gaskets for almost 50 years. Since its inception in 1965, the Company has always put the customers first. The founder, Paul Bruce, ran his Company by one basic principle, "Small Company - Personal Service".

The Company grew from humble beginnings during the 1960's. Fueled by increasing demand from a national customer base, Automated Gasket Corporation was continuously adding tooling, equipment, and inventory coupled with efficient production principles. The goal was to provide customers with high quality products at competitive pricing. It was this mission that allowed Automated Gasket Corporation to grow into one of the nation's top gasket fabricators.

A Pioneer Gasket Fabricator

The Company was a pioneer in the industry and developed many processes that have been adopted by fabricators everywhere. In 1992, the Company received its first patent for a method and apparatus for slitting and separating a wide roll of gasket material of varying thicknesses into narrower rolls of uniform thicknesses.

Specializing in Close Tolerance, Intricate Parts

Today, the Company continues its history of success. Automated Gasket Corporation specializes in close tolerance, intricate parts fabricated from sheet and rollstock materials.

We Service Multiple Industries

Servicing OEMs, rebuilders, and end-user customers across multiple industries including health & medical, aerospace & military, electrical, HVAC, automotive & small engine, industrial, food & beverage, agricultural & milling, consumer products, material handling & processing, mining, oil & energy, chemical, appliance, and marine.

Our Capabilities Include a Wide Range of Processes and Materials

Our capabilities include die, water jet, lathe, kiss and rotary cutting along with bonding, skiving, stripping, laminating, vulcanizing, and slitting of almost any type of natural or synthetic soft material including rubber, plastic, felt, cork, foam, and sponge.

Staying in Touch with the Growing Gasket Fabrication Industry

Automated Gasket Corporation Saint Louis, Missouri - About Us - Picture8Along with its patents and process improvement efforts, the Company was actively involved in promoting the gasket industry. Automated Gasket Corporation was a founding corporate member of the Gasket Fabricators Association, which is the premier gasket trade association in the nation. It has also received numerous awards for quality and safety.