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Custom EPDM Seals & Gaskets

As an ISO-certified manufacturer of high-quality seals and gaskets, Automated Gasket Corporation ensures the utmost efficiency and accuracy in our custom EPDM gaskets. With our years of experience in working with OEM customers, our team is well-equipped to craft highly specific EPDM gaskets at short notice. Through our extensive quality control, reliable supply chain, and meticulous manufacturing processes, you can rest assured to obtain your custom EPDM gaskets while staying in line with your process deadlines. Our quick on-site prototyping services enable us to produce your sample within 48 hours of your request, as long as material is available.

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EPDM Gasket Material Advantages

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a synthetic material that is similar to rubber. As a result, EPDM is commonly classified as synthetic rubber by manufacturers, distributors, and users across various sectors. Due to its high strength, extensive durability, and optimal adaptability, EPDM is used in many commercial and industrial applications.

Some of the EPDM gasket material advantages include:

  • High Compression Resistance – This makes it stand out from many other synthetic materials that give way under pressure and lose their form by shrinking under heavy loads. Since this gives EPDM gaskets the ability to withstand loads that could reduce their size, they become ideal for applications that use heavyweights, high pressure, and open joint machinery.
  • High Tensile Strength – EPDM gaskets are able to stand against breakage by heavy loads. Combined with its other properties, EPDM gives various commercial and industrial sectors reliability from their machinery, equipment, and pressure-inducing intensive processes.
  • High Electrical Resistance – As a synthetic heavy-duty rubber that is specially formulated for added durability, EPDM is able to absorb electrical currents and delivers an ideal electrical insulation solution in quite a reliable form. This makes it fit for several sectors that depend on electrical applications for their processes.
  • Heat Resistance – High-quality EPDM is able to withstand temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This formulation makes EPDM gaskets fully capable of holding their own against excessive temperatures and heat.
  • Cold Resistance – EPDM is known for its significant cold-resistant properties that can stay strong against temperatures as cold as -60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Weather Resistance – Sudden exposure to weather changes or temperature fluctuation can take its toll on many materials, but EPDM stands out as one of the strongest choices against these issues in quite a consistent manner.
  • Moisture Resistance – EPDM is known as one of the most waterproof varieties of rubber. This makes EPDM gaskets excellent at performing within moisture-ridden applications that can often put other materials in jeopardy of problems such as rust, mildew, and moisture-related degradation.
  • Steam Resistance – EPDM’s resistance against high heat and moisture also makes it an ideal material to use in steam-related applications, which combine both of these risks in a single setting.
  • Abrasion Resistance – EPDM is quite a strong material that delivers optimal performance against abrasion from elements such as high wind.
  • Ozone Resistance – EPDM does not result in major degradation when exposed to ozone, making it ideal for applications such as the purification of drinking water or treatment of industrial waste.
  • Ultraviolet Light Resistance – The material’s formulation prevents it from rapid degradation in settings that involve UV light rays, making it ideal for outdoor settings as well as water purification processes in a wide range of applications.
  • Stain Resistance – Due to the composition of EPDM rubber, it doesn’t stain other substances or materials that are exposed to it during intense processes. This makes EPDM gaskets a great choice in applications that require the purity of the processed substances on a consistent basis.
  • Acid and Alkali Resistance – EPDM rubber can easily hold its own against acids and alkalis in a wide range of applications. Custom EPDM gaskets can be formulated to specific use cases in this regard and deliver the required level of reliability without compromise.

While EPDM gaskets have many advantages, they are not ideal for use with certain substances such as hydrocarbon oils and petroleum products.

EPDM Gasket Applications

Due to the extensive benefits of EPDM rubber, these gaskets can deliver ideal durability in applications across a variety of industries.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Outdoor Settings
  • Water Exposure
  • High Pressure, Tension & Heat

Selecting the right sealing material for your specific application is important, and our knowledgeable team at Automated Gasket Corp. can help you choose a gasket that will perform best in your unique situation.

Our EPDM Gasket Fabrication Process

At Automated Gasket Corporation, we know that no two applications are the same, that’s why our team works directly with you to understand your needs. Our made-to-order gasket process is simple. Send us your CAD file, detailed drawing, or gasket photo, and we will manufacture your custom gasket to fit your specifications.

Our in-house tooling, prototyping capabilities, and raw material buying power allow for efficient nitrile gasket fabrication that yields the best results for your project. Our team can typically produce your sample within 48 hours of your request, as long as materials are available.

Custom EPDM Rubber Gasket Supplier

With our vast industry knowledge and experience in manufacturing high-quality gaskets, you can trust Automated Gasket Corp. to deliver optimal EPDM gaskets that meet your unique requirements. Contact our team of gasket experts today.

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