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Custom or Standard Rubber Washers & O-Rings

We at Automated Gasket Corporation are proud to be one of the top providers of high-performance O-rings and washers. We can help find a solution to fit your OEM specifications, whether it is die-cut, standard, or custom-molded. With our team of seal experts, our service consistently meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our on-site prototyping services enable us to produce your sample within 48 hours of your request, as long as material is available. For quick and affordable washer and O-ring fabrication from an ISO-certified manufacturer, choose Automated Gasket as your partner. Contact us today!

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When to Use O-Rings & Washers

Rubber gaskets come in a variety of options. If you are working on a product that needs an air-tight or liquid-tight seal, a rubber O-ring may be the right solution. O-rings are circular, ring-shaped pieces that are extremely versatile. They need a cylindrical groove to sit in, unlike other gasket types that can perform on a flat surface.

Unlike a classic metal washer that is used to stabilize the area where the screw meets a surface, a rubber washer can better accommodate difficult spaces and provide an added sealing benefit.

O-Ring & Washer Materials

When it comes to choosing the right seal, you need to make sure that you have the right materials. Our rubber washers and O-rings are manufactured from elastomeric/sponge rubber materials, which enables our products to be highly adaptable to movements, tolerances, rough surfaces, temperature changes, and performance. The flexible characteristics of rubber also show high resistance to extreme environments, fuels, and aggressive chemical substances.

Elastomeric materials we can produce O-rings and washers in include:

  • Natural rubber
  • Viton
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile
  • Silicone
  • Latex
  • EPDM
  • Polyurethane
  • Butyl
  • Cork

The exact elastomeric material of your O-ring or washer will depend on your application needs. Just send us a CAD drawing or call with your dimensions and our knowledgeable team can help you make the right selection.

O-Ring & Washer Applications

We use high-speed equipment to fabricate durable O-rings and washers. They can be die-cut from a rubber sheet, molded, or cut from molded or extruded tubing. These methods allow us to produce varying thicknesses from standard to customized sizes that are used in a range of industries and applications including:

  • Automotive
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Marine diesel & gas engines
  • Mobile-hydraulics
  • Vacuum applications
  • Sanitary applications
  • Heating systems
  • Fitting and valves
  • And many more

Washer & O-Ring Supplier

You can trust Automated Gasket to provide a solution you can count on. We can manufacture high-quality rubber O-rings and washers for your unique application in a timely manner. Let the experts at Automated Gasket Corporation assist you today, contact us!

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