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Automated Gasket Corporation specializes in custom gasket manufacturing. There are countless applications for custom gaskets and we have years of experience working with a wide variety of OEM customers and understanding end-user needs. Not only is our knowledge extensive, but we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service!

For custom gasket fabrication from a dependable, ISO-certified manufacturer, contact us today!

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Custom Gasket Manufacturing

We are experts on gasket material options and can help determine which is needed for your custom gasket manufacturing job. Once you have your custom gasket configuration determined, our qualified team can help you select the proper materials to ensure that your custom gasket maintains a secure seal under required application conditions.

The factors we take into account when recommending the right custom gasket materials include:

  • The temperature of the application
  • Outdoor exposure
  • Fluid immersion
  • Compressibility
  • Tensile strength
  • Chemical compatibility

This information will allow us to help develop a practical custom gasket solution for your project. No matter what size or shape is required, we can accurately manufacture just what you need for your equipment.

Custom Gasket Fabrication Process

Our in-house tooling, prototyping capabilities, and raw material buying power allow for an efficient custom gasket fabrication process that will yield the best results for your project, which may include:

  • Blank Die Cutting
  • Rotary Cutting
  • Rule Die Cutting
  • Slitting
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Bonding
  • Kiss Cutting
  • Lamination
  • Stripping
  • Vulcanizing

The process of made-to-order gaskets is simple. Send us your CAD file, detailed drawing, or gasket photo, and we will manufacture your custom gasket to fit your specifications. Our on-site prototyping services enable us to produce your sample within 48 hours of your request, as long as material is available. We can provide custom-made gaskets including, but not limited to:

Experienced Custom Gasket Manufacturer

We can make the custom gasket process easier for you! The knowledgeable team at Automated Gasket can produce custom gaskets for your equipment in a timely manner and assist you from start to finish. For reliable custom gasket solutions, contact us today!

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