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Common Uses for Gaskets in the Agriculture Industry

Gaskets are mechanical seals that are designed to fill space between two or more mating surfaces.  Typically, gaskets are used to prevent leaks while under compression. Gaskets are commonly found in small engines, various industries including automotive, agriculture, medical, and military industries.  Gaskets are very common in many machines used in the agriculture field.

Agricultural tools like tractors, power tools like chainsaws, generators, and pumps all use gaskets.  Gasket malfunction can result in leaks and damage to equipment.  In addition to leaks, increased friction can result when a gasket no longer works, resulting in the production of heat.  Gaskets are typically inexpensive components of the agricultural industry, but they are vital.  When one breaks, it can result in costly repairs for a farmer.

If you notice a leak in your tractor or in your other gas powered tools such as lawn mower, chainsaw, farm equipment, or generator, it is important to troubleshoot.  Leaks are the first sign that a gasket is in need of replacement.  When leaks are allowed to continue, the problem becomes worse.  Slight leaks are definitely more than just a minor inconvenience.  When leaks are present, it is likely that the machine will overheat as a result of improper lubrication.  It is usually far cheaper to fix a gasket issue rather than to replace a piece of equipment for the farm.

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