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How Does Being Lean Certified Impact Your Business?

At Automated Gasket Corporation, we are St Louis’ leading gasket manufacturer, and not too long ago, 11 of our employees completed a 40 hour introduction to Lean Principles. Lean certifications have helped our business, and it can help yours! Lean certification has been around for decades but has gained considerable traction in the business community in the last decade. With good reason. In a nutshell, lean certification is a broadly recognized set of tools, methods of thinking, and growth strategies that have proven to be phenomenally effective and is backed by a bevy of the leading non-profits dedicated to improving industry standards – the SME, ASQ, AME, and the Shingo Institute.

What Can Lean Do For My Business? 

Whether you run your own enterprise or are a professional looking to build your brand and improve your earnings potential, Lean certification can improve your outcomes. For business leaders, going lean can mean a reduction in costs, efficient and agile manufacturing processes, and better brand equity. Though some have tried to cast doubt on lean’s success, Toyota has shown it to be a lasting strategy and inspired other companies to adopt the same practices. Recently, Boeing announced they’d be adopting lean after observing the success others have found deploying these strategies.

Every Step Counts in a Grand Choreography

Lean shines in its mastery of detail. It doesn’t focus simply on one area of efficiency improvement, it challenges thinking to examine every level of the enterprise, from the design of individual parts to the flow of your supply chain and beyond. Examining each level critically as part of an organic, living system allows you to adapt, cut costs, and improve quality simultaneously. Lean certification doesn’t just teach you these principles, it proves you have a demonstrated comprehension of how they work and how to implement them effectively. It builds trust in both employees, employers, and potential business partners. Lean certification gives you a solid foundation from which to build your brand, improve your top and bottom line, and become more effective in your industry.

We believe that a lot of business owners are under the misconception that if they aren’t hitting their business targets, it’s simply because they aren’t selling enough. Regardless of what product or service you offer to the market, a lot of your short-comings can be related to production rather than sales related. By implementing lean processes into your business, you can expect to experience tremendous increases in your profits before even enhancing your customer base.