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How Is a Rubber Gasket Made?

Gaskets are found in products of varying industries and can be made from paper, rubber, cork, metal, silicone, felt, neoprene, fiber glass, Teflon, or a plastic polymer. Rubber is a very common material used in manufacturing gaskets, and it might surprise you to learn how they are made. Gaskets perform a very specific function. They are meant to create a seal between two pieces that do not quite fit together perfectly. Gaskets prevent leaks and help to maintain proper functioning of multiple mechanical devices. So, just how are these gaskets made?

Gaskets created from rubber come to the factory as large flat pieces of material, often times rubber. This raw material is called a “bun”. Upon delivery, the bun is in a large, flat pad. A bun splitting machine cuts the pads into the desired width. When they are delivered, each pad can be rather thick, requiring a bun splitter machine to taper it to the desired specification.

Once larger pieces are converted to smaller, more manageable pieces, the worker takes each new sheet of rubber and feeds it into a laminating machine. These machines are highly specialized and they apply both pressure and heat to the raw material. The adhesive layer has a paper side, which can be pulled back easily for the material to stick to any surface.

Next, using a CNC die cutting machine, gaskets are created as the machine stamps them out of the larger sheet. After the gaskets are produced, they are packaged and shipped all over the world. As mentioned, raw materials vary in gasket production, but in general, the process is the same. These gaskets will properly seal two pieces found in machines and in tools across agricultural, automotive, small engine, medical, military and industrial companies.

At Automated Gasket Corporation, we can deliver any gasket to meet the needs of your business, and we specialize in creating custom gaskets for more specialized applications. No matter what type of gasket you need, contact us today!