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The Most Common Types Of Gasket Materials

Gaskets are an essential component of many objects and devices. They create a strong barrier and seal between two conjoining surfaces to prevent leaks under compression. As a premier custom gasket manufacturer, our products can be used for various applications, such as piping, vehicles, electronics, medical devices and more. There are many different types of gasket materials. However, we break down the most common ones.


Cork gaskets are high compressible and flexible than many other gasket materials. With their expansive nature, these gaskets were preferred as they can hold a strong seal. Combined with elastomer bindings, cork gaskets which are high in flexibility and compression, are perfect for applications involving oil, fuel and solvents.


Metal gaskets are heavy duty and are made to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure and exposure to chemicals. Because metal will expand and contract naturally due to their physical properties, metal gaskets have been relied upon for years and have withstood the test of time. Metal gaskets are perfect for heat exchangers, turbines, compressors and more.


The fiber material is really a broad term that spans many different types of materials including cellulose and even the exotic aramid materials. Fiber gaskets are used in applications where a low temperature and/or higher internal pressure will be present. Most of these materials will have some kind of rubber binder to give some elasticity to the material.


Rubber gaskets are pliable and reliable, and they are widely used in a variety of household applications.  These are a softer gasket material and can be used in a large range of applications and in diverse environments. Popular types of rubber include Nitrile, neoprene and silicone. Rubber gaskets are great for applications that need to prevent the leakage of liquids.

While there are countless types of rubber gaskets used today, these three are among the most common. But like every manufacturer knows, even the most common types of gaskets aren’t right for each project. At Automatic Gasket Corporation, we specialize in custom gasket work that produces gaskets with the precise size and functional capability that you need. No matter what kind of gasket you’re looking for, we can help. Contact us today!