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Custom Gaskets, St. Louis Missouri

Automated Gasket is a full service gasket manufacturer, supplying high and low volume with Kan-Ban stocking capability. We service OEM’s, Rebuilders, and end-user customers across multiple industries including, Health & Medical, aerospace, military, electrical, HVAC, Automotive & small Engine, Industrial, food and beverage, agricultural & milling, material handling & processing, mining, oil & energy, chemical, appliance, and marine.
Types of gaskets we can offer include: (NSFF) Flange Gaskets, (NSR) Ring Gaskets, Manway Gaskets, Boiler Gaskets, Base Gaskets, Bowl Gaskets, Semi Metallic Gaskets, Injection Molded Gaskets, Injected molded o-rings, Gasket Materials sold by the foot.
Capabilities include: Hard Tool Die Cutting, Rule Die Cutting, Water-jet Cutting, Kiss Cutting, Bonding, Rotary Cutting, Slitting, Vulcanizing, and more.

Along with its patents and process improvement efforts, Automated Gasket Corporation was involved in promoting the gasket industry as a founding corporate member of the Gasket Fabricators Association, which is the premier gasketing trade association in the nation. It has also received numerous awards for quality and safety.


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