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What Are The Advantages Of WaterJet Cutting?

Various tools can cut through materials; however, the use of WaterJet cutting has many advantages over other methods such as laser or plasma cutting that will help save time and money for years to come.

One of the top benefits to WaterJet cutting is that there is no heat generated by the process. The no heat advantage means that the material will not be distorted. Because water insulates heat, it can cut through materials that will just be burned if you tried to cut it with a laser. One of the largest benefits you will see from the no heat process is the level of accuracy that can be achieved.

WaterJet cutting can cut through material that other methods cannot such as bulletproof materials and stone. In addition, WaterJets can cut through uneven surfaces with ease which is not possible with a laser cutter. And while it can cut through tough materials it is also gentle enough to use on materials such as foam. With the level of diversity of materials, the WaterJet can cut through, you will only need to invest in one system.

Another benefit of using WaterJet to cut through various materials is that it never dulls. There is no need to stop working on an order to sharpen and clean the cutting tools which will save you valuable time.

Using WaterJet Technology also is more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. With other cutting tools the operator is left breathing in dust particles which can be dangerous with certain materials. In addition to an improved work environment, WaterJet Technology does not produce any production waste. Not only does this improve the impact on the environment it will also reduce disposal costs. The water technology requires a surprisingly small amount of water; in addition, the water can be recycled and used through a closed loop system.

While the additional upfront cost of a WaterJet system might be slightly higher, it will save time and money in the long run.

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