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What is Water Jet Cutting?

As technology advances, new and more efficient machines are created. Water jet cutting is one system that has become more commonly used with the advancement in technology. Companies in the automotive, industrial industries, and aerospace industries have been using water jet cutting for decades. At Automated Gasket Corporation, we excel at providing custom water jet cutting equipment that can perform a variety of functions. Since we began our company in the 1960s, we have continuously added new tools and equipment so that we could better serve our customers. We attempt to provide the best quality service and products at competitive prices. Water jet cutting is one of our many specialties that we have been successful in making our customers happy.

Water jet cutting is an industrial tool that can cut through a wide variety of materials, such as stainless steel and foam. It uses high-pressure and velocity jet of water mixed with other abrasive substances. Water jet cutting has a similar effect as water erosion that happens organically in nature. The difference is that this water jet cutting process is accelerated. Water jet cutting is used to manufacture parts of machines or other materials, such as products for automotive vehicles. Water jet cutting is flexible and can be used for multiple options such as carving, reaming, shaping, and cutting a variety of materials.

The process of water jet cutting is not very complicated, as the cutter is connected directly to a high-pressure water pump. The water comes out from the narrow nozzle, which cuts through the material by the stream of high-speed water and abrasives, such as aluminum oxide or garnet. Abrasives are added at the nozzle and are used to effectively cut through certain sensitive materials, such as tempered glass, because it will shatter when it’s cut. When abrasives are added, it also allows the materials to be cut with a better edge finish. Water jets can also switch easily between cutting through different materials and thicknesses such as switching from cutting foam gaskets to stainless steel.

Water jet cutting is highly efficient and is capable of cutting through materials from titanium to granite to ceramics. Since water jet cutting is very flexible, it could be the perfect solution of your many of your manufacturing needs. If you would like more information about the water jet cutting process, or you have any type of custom gasket needs, contact us today!