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Automated Gasket is more than just a gasket manufacture.

We offer the following services:


Manufacturing Services Missouri - Waterjet Cutting - Automated Gasket Corporation - waterjetWaterjet Cutting:

A waterjet utilizes a high pressure stream of water to erode a narrow line in the stock material. To cut a wider range of materials from tool steel to titanium to foam, a granular (typically garnet) abrasive is added to the waterjet, increasing the cutting power. Because the abrasive is added at the nozzle, it is simple to switch between water only and abrasive waterjet cutting . This flexibility greatly enhances the versatility of a waterjet machine, as it can easily switch from cutting ½” (1.27cm) foam gaskets to 4” (10.16cm) titanium brackets.

Check out our Waterjet video.



Kitting / Bagging:

In some cases our customers require their products to packaged in a poly bag or box. Leave it to us to take care of these services that are usually out sourced to a third party work shop that require additional freight or lead time.




Need a prototype to determine fit and function? Just give us a call or email us, we will be glad to make your prototypes and deliver with a very short lead time.

Almost any material as long as it is flat sheet stock up to 4” thick.

Call us to submit your DXF print and have a quote within 24 – 48 hours.