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How Can My Business Benefit From Custom Gaskets?

Custom gaskets can give your business’s products the built-in protection they need. If you are a manufacturer or an industrial client needing rubber gaskets for your production line, custom rubber gaskets are the best option, as they can be built to exact specifications down to the micrometer. Custom gaskets are a better option than pre-made production-line gaskets.

If you want to be certain that your finished products have a seal that will operate under high stress and compression, you need to have the gasket designed to exact specs. Pre-made production-line gaskets often can not hold up to the test of time, use, and pressure that purchasers of your finished products demand. The gasket should match the exact needs of the system or product for which it is designed. You should consult with a custom gasket manufacturer that can understand the exact needs of your assembly or production line.

Thanks to today’s advanced technologies in customized assembly, custom gaskets are offered in an array of materials, and they can be manufactured in massive quantities and ordered to your exact specifications.  Automated Gasket Corporation specializes in manufacturing custom gaskets made out of virtually any material. We realize material selection is as important as the gasket design itself. We have materials in stock that can withstand any condition, from freezing temperatures, to extreme heat, to high pressure. Some of the materials we use to make gaskets include: rubber of all types, Styrene, PTFE, ceramic fibers, and Polypropylene. If a material is not on our list, we can still accommodate your needs, as we have made gaskets out of customized materials for dozens of clients!  Automated Gasket Corporation can ensure that your gaskets will arrive on the exact dock date of your choosing. Nothing is worse than having your production line shut down because of a supplier delivering your order late.

Customized does not have to mean more expensive. In fact, customized gaskets can be a low-cost solution for all of your production needs. Customized gaskets can be designed specifically for the level of compression to meet your exact specifications in the material of your choice.  They can be not only designed, but also punched and shipped to you at considerable savings. Automated Gasket Corporation has in-house molding, water jet cutting, laminating and die cutting, which helps us keep the costs down on our custom gasket work. These savings can make a big difference in your company’s bottom line.

Your business can benefit from Automated Gasket Corporation’s reduced production lead time and the significant savings we offer. We never miss a dock date, and we can provide you with a quote in as little as 24 hours. If your business needs any type of gasket, contact us today!